Want that noobie feeling again?

You know…when you first bravely put on those Goggles, push up the throttle and then get immediately confronted by a crazed world of trees, sky, trees, sky and then a worryingly nearby whizz… “thunk” then a very close up view of some grass and an annoyed beetle

Well, just try switching your yaw and roll channels like i have just done when installing the DJI air unit! The magic is back…

Ohhhhhhh who thought terror could be so nostalgic?

Also, given the amount of cable ties I’ve had to use to attach the air unit to the frame… Does anyone know whether a caddx vista can melt a cable tie? Gets pretty hot…

And also, is there a regulation as to what percentage of your build can be cable ties before you’re officially flying a recycling container? 40%? 50%?

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I’d hazard a guess that most fpv drones are at least 20% cable ties.
If they’re not you’ve gotta ask “are you actually flying fpv”

Just out of interest what have you added the DJI air unit to?

It’s got to the point where you shop and stock multiple sizes of cable tie

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I have multiple sizes and colours haha

Sadly, I was actually quite excited by my most recent purchase…

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So you used all them on the quad? Crazy!

It’s a TBS source one kit with a mamba FC I got from unmanned tech, that’s basically been my experimental workhorse … At £160 it was cheap as chips and does everything a racing drone should…