WANT TO GET INTO FPV - The no soldering / betaflight kwad is here

as the title says…


I dont understand the point of this package :thinking:
So you can plug everything in withought having to learn the most important skill needed to fix your quad.
When you break something (and lets face it, it wont take long) youre then stuck with buying specific parts from rotor riot as you wont get new motors etc with plugs fitted. When the parts aren’t available youre grounded. You have no choice over fc, esc, motors as you have no idea how to fit different motors, setting up betaflight etc.
I would rather go bnf and at least have various options for different frames, motors, fc, control link


Yup. 100%.

Much the same as buying a dji fpv… probably more resilient though.

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A cheaper option is the FPV-Flea from Unmannedtech. This is a solderless Cinewhoop
for around £80. I’ve built one and it’s a fun little indoor and outdoor quad.

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its genius really when you think about it. new comers to fpv, a great & cheap way to start. Crash a few times, make rotor riot lots of profit, then think to yourself it might be easier to build and repair this myself.
That is exactly how i started… only with a £1500 DJI drone! As you know crashed it twice and fixed twice with the help of ailexpress and youtube.

Is this any good? I’m already thinking of my next home build, and want a sub 250g 3inch cinewhoop. £80 sounds a bargain, but is there something else can look into?

It does look rather good… If I’d not built my own already I might be interested.

I don’t think it’s all that bad for the money. The components (FC, Motors, VTx, camera, etc) are branded and not some generic noname stuff. There are many favourable reviews of it on YouTube, just search for Happymodel Cine8.

Think I will. Nice slower practise indoor drone and has “some” use outdoors for videoing too… Maybe I will get a Insta360 or something at some point :slight_smile: Thanks!