Wanted Crystal Sky 7.8

A friend is looking for a 7.8 Crystalsky if anyone is thinking of selling.

When I saw the title Peter, I thought you’d broken yours :scream:

@PingSpike Don’t tempt fate Rich. My friend who bought my Mavic is looking for one. I thought of you, as you seem to have a large stock in a barn somewhere? I’ve been trying to find a power bank for him to charge the CS batteries but the 100w DJI Phantom4 (with plug for Advanced Hub) seems to be discontinued. Have you any links for one?


All long since sold I’m afraid :slight_smile:

I used the Phantom charger as it also connected to the Mavic Pro Advanced Hub at the same time so it meant only one charger at the time to charge both the drone and the CS.

The Inspire (both 1 and 2) chargers will also fit the CrystalSky Hub:

But they won’t fit the mavic hub :confused:

Thanks Rich. Trying to find one with the Advanced hub plug on it. There is one on Ebay, so I’ll let him know.

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