Wanted - Emax tinyhawk

Does anybody have an emax tinyhawk that is not being used and would consider selling😀

Tinyhawk is a good bit of kit but the Mobula6 is better. Might be worth hunting for one of those

Somebody I work with gave me a controller and goggles in an emax tinyhawk carry box with charging leads and battery pack(for goggles) because the drone had an accident when it lost power in the garden when they were cutting the grass thought it would be good if I could fine a quad to go with it. Would a modula bind with the emax goggles and controller?

This is what I was given😁

Hmmm ok good question. Need to check why protocol the tx talks to make sure you get the right thing.

quick check shows the controller will bind with any frsky D8 rx…

so you can use it with alot of whoops style quads>…

Mob6 (i actually like mine)

tinyhawk S

hope that helps

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Thats great thanks👍