WANTED: Firehouse ARC Strobe Mounts - 3D printed request

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find an appropriate link, so mods please move as necessary.

Does anyone make the mounts for a MPP for these? - FIREHOUSE ARC 2-PACK WHITE DRONE ANTI COLLISION STROBE LIGHT

Ive looked at getting 4 from the USA, but at £50 for 4 mounts I might just stick to M3.

I can print them for you if you have an stl?

There was this thread : Firehouse Technology ARC ll strobes : that discussed mounts for them, but nothing seemed to be available for the MP or MPP (that have the same body/arms).

Some other ideas there, though.

sol ? sorry bud im not with you

.stl files are the files a 3D printer needs.

They are available direct from the company for just about ANY drone legs/front feet. Its just amazon that doesn’t have them. The company website shows front & back photos, so I was wondering if any guys here have any experience of doing them. I guess they would need a sample tho ?

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ah ok - now i get you. Sadly I don’t have that file. but thanks for replying, I haven’t a clue how 3D works lol

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At a price that any sane person would contemplate. :wink:

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In the USA they work out under a tenner each from this company ( who are tip top in quality but not price ). But with £16 shipping it becomes prohibitive. Might just get a buddy over there to order and post for me.

A tenner is a lot for a piece of plastic.

Cable ties! Work for me. :+1:
… for Strobon, admittedly, but they’re very similar - info in the other thread.

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Out of interest, does this mean if you have a sample you still can’t make one without the specific file ? OR can you make a “file” from having the sample ?

That depends on your CAD skills.

You can make a drawing and STL of just about anything. How accurate it is is another matter.

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Anything on thingyverse ?

Edit I looked and found this, stick in with Velcro, get some of that industrial stuff should be ok

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I use industrial Velcro on my Air to mount them, you can buy it on E Bay cheap as chips, works well.


Is that a large, or small, portion of chips? :wink:

I had exactly the same problem and searched everywhere. Eventually bit the bullet and ordered from phantomhelp. Was £50😭 about half the cost of the strobe lights. Only downside is that can not fit both mounts and prop guards.

I had hoped that I had offered a helpful adult response to a member looking for advise, I did not expect an un wanted infantial comment that was not called for, next time someone asks for advise I will keep my comments to myself and leave it to those who know best.



Chip on your shoulder mate? :wink:

It’s just a bit of light hearted banter.

I think its great that everyone’s chipping in.

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