WANTED: Genuine Mini 2 screwdriver

Anyone got a genuine Mini 2 prop screwdriver they don’t need any longer ii can purchase from them?
Come to that, would a “jewellers” screwdriver of appropriate size be suitable, just don’t want chew tops of old/new screws.

I’m sure the ‘jewellers’ screwdrivers would do the job and they’re usually available at markets for around £2 the set!

Yes, thinking the same. Cheers.

I’m using a precision screwdriver I got from halfords, kind of trust it more than the one supplied by DJI


I’ve got a spare one from a mini 1 but not sure if their exactly the same?

Hi Adrian, I’m not sure either. I know I have a set of precision screwdrivers somewhere and hoping one will be a good fit. If I can’t locate a decent one I’ll give you a shout.

I bought some nice MasterScrews props for my Mini 2 and it comes with an exact copy of the Mini 2 screwdriver


Yep no worries

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