WANTED - Left front arm for Potensic Atom...NOT SE

Got a slight crack in it and now vibrates like mad when flying.

I’m on the Fylde coast in Lancashire.

Hi. I’ve heard of these repairs being done with superglue and baking powder.

Thanks Stewrat for the suggestion.

When I’ve searched it actually says use baking soda, not powder.

Will give it a go and let you know how I get on.

No, no, no,
It needs to be powder as it is the filler,
Plenty of stuff on YT about it

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000 flour is also an option. Or you can but fine powder filler from model shops.

I use this ….




Soz, I meant powder.

Please ignore that, i’m half asleep and didn’t read the replies properly. I’ll get my coat …

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no worries :grinning:

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I’ve managed to fix it with this.

Gave it a good fly around on the beach and all appears OK.

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I spotted that a variety of atom spares are available on Aliexpress. A front left arm is ~£45. I buy quite alot of stuff of Ali and I have been pleased with the price, delivery and customer service

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Good shout @JWt :slight_smile:

And it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

Why not nip over to the Introductions page, and say hello properly and tell us a bit about yourself. :+1:t2:


Saw that but not sure about buying from AliExpress/

Potensic pointed me to the Amazon Germany website where they had some in stock but I’ve already fixed the arm with super glue.

Ive bought loads and loads of stuff from Ali-Express :+1: never had an issue