Wanted Mavic 2 Strobe Mounts

Hi Guys, anybody printing strobe mounts? I can find them but not in the UK


Designed and printed these, drop me a PM and I’ll look at my spool of PLA if it’s still usable as it has sat for a while.

Here is a test flight awhile ago now.

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Hi @Njoro
A couple of questions if you don’t mind…

Does the downward facing strobe affect the sensors when precision landing?
Are the print files on Thingiverse?

Many thanks
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

The prints are not on Thingiverse, the downward strobe doesn’t interfere with precision landing.


@Scuba01 just to confirm these holders are for the Flytron CRee stand alone strobes.

Set of 5, £13 including postage.

Mounting method, mount from the narrow end close to the motor, then slide up the arm until it’s firm; removal is the reverse.

In place.

Bottom mount is a snag fit but it will loosen with use, I leave mine attached with some bathroom silicone which is strong but easy to remove.

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Superb, can I pay using Paypal?



Yes Kev, check your in box, I’ll post tomorrow.


Hi Lance,
Arrived today many thanks, for info the red holder doesn’t fit with my M2



Just seen this, so sorry, the red is made to fit the Mavic Pro, I’ll see if I can borrow a friends’ Mavic 2 for the dimensions as I assumed they’d be the same…:blush:

@Scuba01 I had a closer look at the Mavic 2 under belly and it’s not ideal for a mount.

I have reimbursed you £2.53 via your PayPal account, could you confirm you have received it please.

I have an idea to redesign the existing leg mount to accommodate a downward facing Cree.


Mine have been permanently on my MP for well over a year.

Luckily there’s enough space (JUST!) to leave them on with the arms folded.
Can get to them to recharge, OK, too. Almost no restriction of the airflow from the props, either, that can be the case with many mounts.

I believe others have said there is room for the M2P arms to fold with them in place.

@OzoneVibe Nice pictures, but @Scuba01 was looking for custom 3D printed ones, but I’m sure he must have considered rubber bands or cable ties… :wink: