Wanted- Phantom 4 Battery LED board

Ok so very specific one here.

Trying to re-case a P4 battery for a friend and have broken the little locking latch on the ribbon cable connector (ZIF/FFC/FPC/ any other name for them). before i go an throw money on a hot-air station does anyone have the little LED board from the battery that looks like this? image

Would a blob of glue from a hot glue gun work?

I might have one, I’ll have a look through my box of tricks this evening.

Hi Sam I have sold my phantom 4 pro and I bought this on eBay and got my money back because the plug is slightly damaged so did let it go with the drone
Look at the pictures if it’s any good to you message me your address and I will forward it to you for free ? Many thanks Lez

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PM sent @Lez

Tried hot glue but the contacts are at the top of the connector so needs to be pushed against it. Got it working by holding it in place with some metal nail scissors. The connector had some weird almost silastic adhesive to keep it in place but my habit of rushing to fix it meant I ripped the plastic off the con :frowning:

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