Wanted - SG906 Battery

Can anyone help me source an SG906 battery in th3 next couple of weeks. I’ve ordered 2 from Amazon which have both failed to arrive and been refunded.
eBay is full of Chinese sellers so would be faced with the same issue.
I know and appreciate it’s not DJI but would appreciate any helpful comments.

I doubt you will get one of them in the UK, a mate of mine had to get his 2 from a China, took a month to get here !.

I don’t suppose your mate would hire one to me for a couple of weeks if I covered all the costs plus a bit?

I will ask him for you.

Have you tried these people?


I. Will phone them tomorrow as they say new stock is arriving.

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Be wary of sites like that, no address listed, no landline, no trace on Companies House, etc.

It might be legit, just be cautious…

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