Wanted, small drone to take abroad, budget is ~ £100-150

I’m after a small cheap drone to take on a bus trip to Italy shortly (don’t fancy taking the M3Classic.)
Not too fussed on the manufacturer as long as the video quality is 1080p plus.
Anyone got an old drone they don’t want, budget is ~ £100-150.



You could start looking here…
Has anybody any experience with the Qinox K8 :thinking:


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Cheers, will look now.

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Just been searching, beware the Qinox K8 might be a scam on some sites :-1:


Still looking

the best way is a used dji drone from ebay.
cheaper new drones are complete garbage, I would only suggest actual name brands like DJI

I managed to get a Mavic air with spare battery. It’s way better than I expected.


The first part of this video was shot on the Mavic air

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Nice video, good luck with it!

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Loved my mavic air

I have to admit I’m impressed. I wasn’t flying drones when it was first released but it must have been a game changer.