Wanted - used, cheap FC with 20x20mm fixings

Hi Guys, Has anybody got spare a second-user, cheap but working FC with 20x20mm fixings they’d sell me at a reasonable price?

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been looking on eBay in the hope of finding one too….

Anyone with a 20x20 4 in 1 ESC board they don’t need? Willing to accept one with a dead ESC too as I just need two to be working…

Hey, you hi-jacking my thread Lance ? :astonished:

So sorry @Steviegeek, I just jumped in without thinking as my head was on saving weight for this glider and having looked on eBay, I’d thought why not try our site….
Didn’t stop to think….:smiling_face:

It looks like I’ll have to order one, which I will as a spare for my 3D printed drone which has a HGRC stack.

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No worries mate, just teasing you :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks to @nidge 's kindness I’m now sorted with this…

If anybody else has one then @Njoro is looking for one also :+1:


You luck man….:+1:

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