Wapley Woods by air


Thank you for viewing, it is another boring video by Fatfred but I think I am getting better.


Thanks @FFf. Nice shots and very smooth movement. I really like the music you have chosen. I’m completely new to video photography (and to drones for that matter :thinking: ) so very much on a steep learning curve. Until now, my thing has been land-based photography :slightly_smiling_face: What software do you use to add the music and to process the footage please?

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Thank you.
This is my first attempt at a ‘proper video’ so your praise is very welcome.
I tried to use Resolve but my i5 laptop is too slow.
The music was a royalty free, free download.
I tried a few editors but found VSDC and unusual for me I paid for the upgrade. It has a free version for you to try.

If you can take a good photo the basics still apply, just the perspectives change.

Useful tips Keith thanks.

I’ll have a look at Resolve and VSDC. I’m still at the stage where I’m focussing more on getting the flying bit right than the artistic merit of my footage- hopefully it will come in time :thinking: I am delighted though by the different perspectives you can get.