Warehouse Fire

Not my footage.The link was sent to me.
Drone video of a Fire, in a warehouse. Newhaven, East Sussex.


Who ever filmed that give us responsible drone pilots a bad name! :rage: it’s also the reason that all the restrictions have to be put in place…

So irresponsible, it annoys me…

Quite a few presumptions in there, thats what gives us responsible drone users a bad name.

Drone police we are not

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Very true I totally agree, I guess he may of had permission based on the fact hes put his name on the end of the video. But flying around the scene of an emergency situation is a sure fine way to land yourself in hot water if you don’t have permission and will also give the hobby some more bad press and could cause even more restrictions being implemented. Just my thoughts.

WOW hope that was not a warehouse full of DJI drones!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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