Warning, CrystalSky Graphic Guts Image 🙈

We are planning a Club promotion video to showcase club activities such as BBQ’s and beer, jets, helicopters, paragliding, gliding, grass cutting, all ages and skills.

The ambient temperature was around 29C, my Crystalsky with the firmware update to stop it overheating didn’t work.

I got no video recording of the late afternoon, which :rage:

I missed this…

I got home straight to dissect the Crystalsky.

The shielded parts hit 39C which seems to shut the screen down.

First I removed the front bezel, ‘wrong move’ replaced it and removed the rear bezel. It wasn’t too difficult to remove but I took care not to break any of the tabs.

Got the drill out…added some mesh…

Next update, mounting the cooling fan and testing.

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I still don’t understand why your CS gets so hot in the first place :man_shrugging:

I’m sure I asked in the other thread about it but you haven’t got some crazy crypto-mining app running 100% processor usage in the background have you?

Beats me why, when I first got it, it ran just fine…just a thought here, :thinking:…it started playing up after I loaded Litchi.
The other day it was shutting down within seconds to the point it was unusable.:man_facepalming:

@PingSpike at least I now know the internal fan kicks in at 28C which is still way too hot.

While it’s in bits just hard wire the internal fan permanently on.

Only masking the real issue though :confused:

The fan is at the opposite side to the shielded parts that are getting too hot and also that tiny fan just vents straight out through a heat sink fins, it doesn’t circulate air anywhere else.

I can live with this hack as long as the screen doesn’t continue to shut down every 5 seconds.

Had a chance to test this again @Njoro?

I used my CS for about an hour today. Was getting the Google Play services installed in the back ground and seeing if I could get Google Maps installed and working based on the internal GPS. Which I did - guide to follow. Also allows me to have background maps in the Autel app now if I choose.

Anyway, my point being, running for about an hour with fairly high processor usage with all the stuff I was doing, jumping in and out of concurrently-running apps, etc.

On-screen temp never once went over 28C and felt no warmer than normal room temperature at any time :man_shrugging:

Have you had a look at the actual background services that are running? (not just the apps themselves) You haven’t got a DJI Updater service stuck in a never ending loop or something?!

Thanks for asking…
Not yet as I’ve had quite a lot of work to catch-up with, could you walk me through how you check for background update loop? The thing is I always have it in airplane mode but your help is most welcome…:+1:
I’ll get it out right now and have a look…

I’ve put mine away for the evening now :blush:

But it was something like Settings > Apps > Running :thinking:


Ok just had a look and stopped some of the services, I’ll test it over the weekend as we are supposed to have a hot one.

We are? Not getting above 18℃ around here according to the forecasts … not that one can trust forecasts, of course.

We can only hope…:crossed_fingers:

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@PingSpike I stopped everything from running which did seem to help, but on reboot it all starts up again.
System services was running at 656 Mb, I believe you are right in that something is running in the background but hidden.

Would you post a screenshot of what’s running on your sky?

I will of course - might be a day or two before it’s on again but I’ve stuck a postit note reminder on the case :slight_smile:

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