Warrington to Fiddlers Ferry

First proper go at some photos this was probably my best effort, still getting the hang of it, sky’s a bit washed out tbh.


Great shot, really good colours :ok_hand:


Looks like that was taken from the bridge near the recycling centre, I often go down there for a bit of practice flying myself. Nice shot anyway.

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Yeah it is buddy, I often fly across the field behind my position to practice too, generally really quiet. :+1:

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May see you there at some point. I usually just park on the edge of the roundabout if it’s quiet.

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Tried to get closer today but everywhere you park close to the plant has specific ‘No Drones’ signage. Anyway, parked just at the boatyard near the Ferry Inn this morning.


I wouldn’t buy into that, I fly my local plant all time

Nice photo