Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


I was in the top field and nobody about
Went to bosworth yesterday but to many people about
Trying my luck in Devon for a few days now


I would have gone to Bosworth with you. Hartshill Hayse in nuneaton is another regular spot I like to practice at. At the top of the field over looking atherstone.


Being really new and very nervous of putting 800 pounds in the air I need somewhere where there is a lot of space. I tried out by the canal in brinklow last night but… a bit scary by the water and trees.


Stu the best place is on the top field at Coombe then for people in Cov.

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Hi all, just joined as i got my first drone. I am from Coventry and looking for somewhere to practise. I used to fly RC aircraft so not new to the radio control thing.

I was thinking of Brinklow but as was said too many trees and water. Any ideas would be welcome.


Hi @Markb1604 and welcome to Grey Arrows!

If you get five minutes please do post a new thread in #introductions to say hi to the wider Grey Arrows member base :smiley:


Hi there, I ve been practising on the field next to the old Browns lane site, if you go up coundon wedge drive to the island there is a pull in on the left / right depending on approach, its a farmers field but a public walkway cuts through it. i usually stand there and practise. Never had a problem…yet. Its a bit muddy this time of year, but that keeps most people away i guess.

There is also Coundon playing fields, if your up the far end by the nursery, cant see there being a problem either


Hi all, I live just north of Coventry on the border with Warwickshire. I have the old mines and a former golf course as a front garden. So can take off on my property. I have permission from the main landowner round here to takeoff/land on his fields too. There are two canals, a very picturesque old bridge, pump house and chimney, it’s pretty tree free on the old golf course and no issues from dog walkers/ramblers to date.

So, if you all want to head up here, I’m happy to organise a meet up or welcome you to the area (if you haven’t already guessed where I may be) :blush:

Hi from Coventry/North Warwickshire

Hi Andy

Im quite new here too - see my “hello” in the Intros section with yours.
Im not far away and would be up for a fly day - picking the weather of course;)
Ill PM you…


Yeah I’m up for trying to organise something.
This side of xmas or after?
Either way happy to meet up with you anyway. I need to learn more Mavic stuff, and best way is transfer of knowledge…



I’m up for a meet up too. I’m in Nuneaton so very local.


Sounds like a date…


I am on the Bedworth side of Coventry. Struggling to find somewhere interesting to fly. New to drones. Can’t work out where you are :grin:


Weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow. With even some sun between the clouds!

Anyone wish to meet up in Exhall/Hawkesbury for a pint and fly, or a fly and pint?
There is a nice big, flat and open protected area to practice flying or some canals to practice video/photography.

If there’s interest I’ll post a map for parking or the pub, whichever people wish to do first.



Not here :cry:


Im up for it. PM sent:+1:


That +1 should have been a Thumbs Up emoji, oops


Excellent, that’s 3 of us (Markb1604 is coming too)
Shall we say 11am?
Address sent by PM to those interested.

Here’s where we will be if anyone is passing or finds themselves available last minute:


Thanks for orging Andy - Good job;)