Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


The Facilitator badge coming your way!

Who were the attendees?


It was myself, Clarkey and Markb1604 :blush::+1:


The Socialite badge headed to all three of you! :+1:

@andy_bee_1 @Clarkey @Markb1604


Where’s the group photo proof of meet up always advisable for the mugs shot :crazy_face:


Thanks for the meet Andy. Got to know the Spark a lot better today.


Ok ok, here are our ugly mugs from half way up the Asteroid shot (I’ll upload later)


And some other things I photographed (videos later, not on WiFi atm)


Looks like you had some fun well done


I think Socialite in this usage is relative;) Tx for the badge anyway, its good to have the validation (ironic emoji with a wink)…


Here is a little video of the meet. Pardon my editing and filming skills, still learning


Glad to see I’m not the only one who carries a small sheet of polythene in the rucksack for placing on wet or dirty ground :blush:


thought you where going to start singing about the blanket on the ground…

must be my age


Hi Mark looks like you had a good time couple of things I noticed and hope you don’t mind me mentioning them.
I’m not sure if the spark does this but try and set your controls to a slower yaw so the camera doesn’t move so quickly or use tripod mode. The bit where your trying to follow the Barge was a little bit to jerky but still looked good would have been better smother with the settings I have mentioned
These are only my thoughts and we all have to start somewhere
you want to see my early stuff very cringe worthy

What did you use to edit with I’m always interested in what people have in case there is something better out there


Thanks for the tips, I need to think a bit more about the shot i’m taking as I tend to rush it. I forgot about tripod mode, definitely give that a try next time. I was more worried about flying the distance I was at, as it was right at the limit of my sight, visible but still the longest way out i’d been, The editing software was Filmora.


Thanks for the reply Mark
I know the feeling when you get your bird up all your best laid plans go out the window and you just want to see your baby fly and return in one piece…hopefully :grinning:


OH FFS!!! this will teach me to pay more attention to the forum… Cant believe i missed out on this, i was completely free too… Oh well, next time maybe… Maybe i could get a PM next time… just in case? Sorry i missed it guys.


Hopefully be doing it again over Xmas. Keep an eye on the forum.


Some good days next week


Tue 25 weather looks Ok, theres nothing going on that day surely;)
Ive “targetted” Thu 27 as the Boss is out;)
Lets keep an eye on weather…


As I posted elsewhere …

Queen’s Speech Avoidance System Deployed!