Water Mill

Water mill at Appleby. Would you lighten the photo or not?


What effect are you going for? HDR type shot or more natural muted?

I’d be tempted to bring up the foliage on the left a bit but leave the right hand side alone, or even lower it slightly.

Beautifully composed shot IMHO though :+1:


Great photo @Bergroos

I’d not change a thing :blush:

From a drone perspective, it might look better :grinning:

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I’d return with a chainsaw, chop down the tree on the right hand side that spoils the view of the mill. Other than that? All good :+1:

Hi, thanks for your reply, I guess I’m looking for a more natural picture, I am thinking of having it put on canvas, but I just was not sure if it would look better slightly lightened. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a canvas and get the lighting wrong.

Thank you.

Hi, I think I would agree with you, next time I’m there I will do just that.

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Ha! Ha! I must remember to take you and your chainsaw with me next time!

From October to March I always carry a chainsaw in the van! It’s Scotland and it’s windy, I also have a woodburning stove, free wood = happy days :slight_smile:

Leave your picture as is, although I am viewing on an uncallibrated monitor at present, but it looks good to me. Most monitors have the brightness set way too high, not good if printing at home. However, if you’re using a reputable printer just ask them to check for you

Thanks Joe. I don’t have a monitor only my laptop. Have a good day.

As it is now, leave it alone.
When I had something printed on canvas (professionally) it came out a little darker than it looked on screen/photo paper so you might want to lighten it up a little for that.