Water Ski Race in Weston Super Mare


First post, never really used forums before but I don’t know any other drone flyers (as friends) so thought I would share my vid for some feedback. The filming was a little rushed as I had done some flying and only had a small percentage left on the battery, however I enjoyed getting the shots. I didn’t know the race was happening until I saw it off the coast.

As weston beach is brown water I thought I would add a different look in the edit.



Hi @Richie and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Great first post, that water looks bloody cold though!

And it might just be my OCD kicking in, but is your gimbal horizon a little off?

HI, thanks for the feedback. I have never checked the gimbal horizon, do you mean horizontal accuracy?

They are brave soles out in that water, it was great to shoot speed boats for the first time, i proberly won’t see that again for some time.

Yeah, it just looks a little off?

It can easily be corrected - either in the Gimbal settings (Go4 app), or press and hold the C2 button and turn the right wheel.

Possible worth doing a gimbal recalibration (from settings in the Go4 app) before either of these.

I will check settings, not done this before so new skill set to learn

This will help you.

This one is shorter and gets to the point quicker.

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Great thanks for the advice and I will be sure to do this at the weekend. Just need to be sure my house is level before any manual adjustments :rofl:

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I luse the patio table and level that first.