Watercress line near Arlesford in mid/late April 2022

This was taken on two separate weekends back in mid to late April, both trying to capture the trains on their first run of the morning. The low sun in the spring sky helped catch the shadows of the steam coming from the engines as they made their way up to Four Marks.

The Watercress line is a 19th-century heritage line with steam trains traveling through vintage stations & themed events in north east Hampshire

Address: The Railway Station, Station Road, New Alresford SO24 9JG ( https://watercressline.co.uk/ ).

We’ve been on the railway several times over the years, there’s something about the way the whole package fits together that just works, it’s not just the trains and their coaches, but the stations and the attention to detail by the clever people who make this happen that helps transport you back in time.

Shot on a DJI Mini 2

Post processed with Davinci Resolve 18

Music produced with Ableton Live 11

Nice vid… its just up the road from me… might try and get a bit of film there meself. where did you TOAl from??

Thanks, there were two places, the first two segments were from here 51.089376342810915, -1.0990147627594196 and the last one was by the bridge here 51.09877156891514, -1.0823820398596173, it’s a common spot for photographers wanting to capture the trains, you’ll often see cars parked at the bottom of the track leading up to the bridge.

or …

… and the operators of the line get ridiculously aggressive toward any YT and social media post of drone photos/video that they deem to have been taken from a position too close to the railway line.

Their definition of “too close” is bizarre and how they can calculate is beyond me.

Who cares what they think as long as you stay within legal limits.

I don’t disagree … but they just won’t let it rest.

Thanks for the location info…will have to make sure there is a train due when I turn up…

As for the operators aggression, unless I’m on someone’s private road or property, I would have no interest in anything they say…