Way Past its Prime

Video showing an old delapidated mansion. Different from my normal uploads so would be interested to hear your views.


Wow, really dramatic. I like it!

The footprint of this building is brilliant, I bet it was really imposing in its day!

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Thank you for checking it out. Yes, I bet it was amazing.

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Fascinating !! - amazing what is hidden away in a forest. Loved the plan view, wow it covered some ground. You did well to film it in fairness, must have been close when at ground to roof level.
A guy I knew once bought an old relic like this, but not in as bad a condition - paid about 1.5K for it. Everything fine until he signed the contract then WHAM, in came English heritage and the NT who hadn’t spend a penny on it in 75 years and imposed such restrictions that his £1’5 million budget got blown out of the water. They were happy to watch it die but hated the idea of someone restoring it.

Thank you Ted, for your kind comments. I am afraid since owning a drone and looking more into this, I have lost all respect for these two organisations.

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