Way point flight pineapple

The pineapples in scotland the story is back in the days if you travelled off to far way lands on your return you would leave fruit on a gate post in this case it was a pineapples.


Great POI and flying :+1:

Wasn’t a poi as such as I use poi and waypoint hence when I fly over the pineapples the poi is still focused on it

Great flying but not by me all done by the m2p .I made the waypoint flight at home
But didn’t set the flight height as had no idea how high the trees where until on site then added and let dji do its stuff
Its a good example of a waypoint flight feel free to use it as a guide or pmif you would live more details.one thing that took me a few times to sort out wasthe poi hight trying to get it bang on the middle isnt as easy as you think took me a few tries.the waypoint part was easy to plan .