Could somebody tell me what is the reasoning for doing waypoints ? Why would you want to let your drone fly on its own, when you could control it yourself ? Am i missing something here ?

I haven’t tried it yet but i think that in the way points the drone would fly: let’s say in the straight line. You should be able then to spin it around and operate the camera yet the drone still would fly straight? That would allow You to do some cool shots. Difficult to do if you`re flying manually. Like i said i haven’t tried it yet but i think that it is the point of waypoints. I may be wrong though.


Nailed It. It is to allow easier action in camera control and to do shots that would otherwise be almost impossible to pull off if you were in control of flight as well as controlling the camera

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Waypoints aren’t just a method of getting the craft to fly autominously in a circuit, they allow the pilot to have total control as to in which direction the camera is pointing, either within the waypoint software by getting the camera to point at (a) particular point(s) of interest, or, if you have the Inspire or the Typhoon manually - without having to concentrate on flying.

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Another handy use is for repeatability.

They’re about to build a new road behind my house, I thought it’d be interesting to capture photos from various points, as they build it.

But I’d never manually be able to fly back to the exact same point, at the exact same altitude, at the exact same orientation, at the exact same camera angle.

Where as a pre-planned mission would do all of this for me, with pretty solid accuracy :+1:

@LarryDeath has been known to dabble in the occasional bridge being built here and there :wink:

And @SharkBait does something similar with wind turbines :wink:

Taking (repeatable) photos throughout the build would almost provide a time-lapse from the sky :cool:

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I sure do! Handy for seeing which guys spend the most time in the crib hut rather than working!! But no it does provide an interesting prospective on installs.

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I thought so. I often use poi flight mode when flying around chrches or castles and it works similiar way. The drone flies around the subject yet you can spin it around its own axle. It’s pretty cool and very useful.


If You’re looking for the useless flight mode then „normal mode” is the one as it does not do anything