We seem to be the antichrist?

There seems to be a plethora of Anti Drone companies springing up in the world, its interesting on how much they are relying on what MIGHT be inclided in the new UK Drone regulations due to be muted in 2018
This company seem to think that whilst its currently illegal in the UK to jam any kind of drone unless you are lew enforcement or Armed Forces, that the legislation will allow them to randomly take any drone down regardless of the consequences?

What happens when your drone “lands” by command of a jammer crashing into a child as they have seized control of your drone? Who’s responsible? as I’d assume the person who took over and hijacked your device?


I’d have thought that once they jam the UAV they take on full legal responsibility for the aircraft’s flight even if the said UAV has an RTH function which activated under jamming its flight under the law could be their responsibility; they effectively become the pilot in charge and are bound by the ANO.

There is UAV’s that do not have RTH, and if the RX failsafe is not set then the last thing anyone would want to do is jam its RC communication for in doing so the UAV could go anywhere; maybe straight up and collide with a manned aircraft. :see_no_evil:

I’d also think that if they were taken to court in the event of an incident occurring, they’d have to produce in evidence the legal framework and equipment used that have been approved and licensed by the CAA. They would have to show that At the time the equipment was used it had a current calibration certificate to be legal.

Talk about an outfit operating on ifs, buts and maybes.

It is illegal to jam radio transmissions in the UK. No ifs, buts or maybes about that.

I don’t think any responsible pilot would disagree that the current legislation needs some work, but I’d be pretty amazed if any changes allowed jamming. Quite aside from the issues @SteveM points out, you can’t selectively jam a radio signal. Jam the mobile of the annoying person on the train jabbering on loudly next to you, and you jam the mobile of the Doctor 3 seats back who’s trying to save somebody’s life.

Jam the WiFi in an area to stop somebody flying, and you jam other WiFi too, perhaps the WiFi controlling a driverless car. Their brochure even admits this, waffling on about using directional antenna to minimise disruption on other devices.

All that aside, it does seem that the anti-drone brigade, feeding off all sorts of complete claptrap and misconceptions, has a voice that the rest of us don’t have, and in the current “He/she who shouts loudest on social media wins” that can’t be a good thing.

Perhaps we need a “Grey Arrows” press office?



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Hi guys just seen this website, looks disturbing to me but see what you think.

It basicly says that a private company can use them to set up interfearance that stops the drone from flying would that not be interfearing withan aircraft and against CAA rules or the like ?

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He is a clever boy with all them titles .
I would say an educated idiot .
And just look at all the people on the right column who have signed up to him . Straight out of Uni with there degrees in nothing . 20 year olds .No experience in life or business . Just a bit of paper that says they no nothing . Only what they have listened too in Uni . Dear me .
When will it end?


Do they count if you add them about yourself in the third person? :thinking:

Of course they count .
You want to see mine . In fact i should not even be writing this .

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Sorry for posting in the wrong area and thank you for moving.
The 2 areas I wanted to point were;

1 I think this is wrong

2 I want people to be aware

Perhaps at some point in the future we can join forces against companys like this that seem to be able to tar us all with the same brush and interfear with UAV’s in the air.

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