Weardale Co. Durham. Golden hour. New Years day

Trying some modes out.

Follow me



The Follow Me is nice and smooth. :+1:


follows good I need to have a go at that might wait till its a bit warmer and have the top down :cold_face:
Van looks nice

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Sorry @Flyingpug but I also spent more time admiring the motor than I did watching the actual video :smiley:

Cracking day van mate :+1:t2:


Nice shots and van, which drone are you using, I’ve got the Air and have been toying with follow me with my motorhome but a bit bum twitchy, probably be ok once I’ve done it.

It’s a mavic pro 2.

I was that’s why I went to the middle of nowhere first thing in the morning. The only problem I had was had my home position set to where I took off and also had my max distance set to 1500m so when I got to that distance it stopped lol. Next time I will take the max distance off.

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You can also update your home point to where your are …. which isn’t a bad thing to do when you’re no longer at the place where it was set. :wink:

(Particularly important when flying from a moving boat! :fearful: )

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