Well,it finally happened, I lost my mavic!

Feeling a bit sad as i now no longer have my mpp, she has been a great bird, and given me lots of great flights, i finally caved in,and sold her to a mate,now waiting for mavic 2 pro,on order:grinning::grinning::+1:


Welcome to the club mate :wink:

You had tracking info yet?

Hoping to get mine Wednesday.

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Where’s the thread mute button again?


Hi callum,getting mine in about two weeks-ish,ordered from my local jessops,same price for mav 2 as on dji website,but,the reason i am buying from jessops is that they will do me a good discount on 4 extra flight batteries,so i get a better deal than i would from dji,plus i get a one year no questions asked return if anything goes wrong:+1::+1:


Was starting to feel sad for you, but then I read on!!!

I agree Dave, need that thread mute button :joy:


LOL Brian b,the worst part about this is i will have to resort to flying a few of my cheap toy drones or mini quads.while i await arrival of my new bird.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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oh my heart bleeds :joy::joy:


LOL Brian b guess one of my toy quads will not last the pace if i come out flying with you this week:rofl:But,but hears:persevere: hoping i dont miss any good flying weather,as torture playing the waiting game:roll_eyes:Also ,did i mention,im not very good at playing that game?I want,i want.i want it yesterday!!!

Click baited right there :wink:, was waiting to read a story!

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So that’s two soon-to-be MP2 owners in GADC already :+1:

Are resellers able to get MP2 stock that quickly?

Yeah, me too! :rofl:

H̶e̶l̶i̶g̶u̶y̶ Hobby Mounts are advertising orders placed by 4PM tomorrow will be delivered Wednesday.

Think DJI learned their lesson after the MP fiasco.

Wow, so they’re actually in the UK already!

I’m impressed…

Well, kinda… they shelved that press release for how long? They were busy stocking stockists I guess :smiley:

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Scratch that, it’s not heliguy. Trying to find where I read it

Was Hobby Mounts I seen the shipping Wednesday thing.

But looking at again I’m wondering if that’s just for other orders.

Kinda confusing

Wasn’t there a third?