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Morning all
Just looked up a place on drone scene not to far from me but could not find anything on the place unless I’ve done something wrong , I was wondering if someone could be kind enough to give me some advice please , Below is we’re I’d like to go but I don’t actually want or need to TOAL from the park , this will be my first proper outing so to speak since I’ve joined GADC & is it ok for me to TOAL outside this boundary in the hope to get some Ariel footage of the said location or is it a no no , sorry to ask I just need to be clear as I am trying to not break any rules if I can help it! Many many thinks

Can I fly a drone (remotely piloted aircraft) in Wellington Park? The operation and use of drones in Wellington Park is not permitted without a permit from the Wellington Park Management Trust.

If it’s not in a flight restriction zone (check on Drone assist app or on Drone Scene here), then they cannot stop you overflying the area.
They can restrict your ability to take off and land, but cannot stop you overflying.
I assume you have a sub 250g drone, so follow the drone code, don’t fly over a crowd, and you should be fine.

No I have a MA2 I’m not looking to fly over & nor crowds of people , I was hoping to get some shots by TOAL nearby and then shoot from the max height if needed to overlook the location if that makes sense , basically call it the perimeter if you like , I know this location well & it’s all fields & woodland surrounding barely any houses if at all if you TOAL from the correct place.
Many thanks & I hope this makes sense , if you advise not in doing this I’ll go for plan B …
Edit I could not see any flight restrict zones

When I put in the place on drone scene nothing comes up & I have to manually find it I’ll copy a snap shot , on google yes is says TOAL within the park I need to ask but I thought for a last minuite dash out as pointed out earlier this would be ok .
Once again Thankyou ( maybe I am using drone scene incorrect ) it’s new to me

Just go fly

That’s exactly what I thought Chris just didn’t want to look like a hooligan :smile: with no morales or respect when hopefully I have something decent to post on here , yea soon as the last battery as charged I’m out of here :+1:t2:

This may help.

DroneScene a lot better, and don’t read too much into the network rail ‘restrictions’

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I’ve got that but when I put in the location I had to find it manually unless I’m doing something wrong , as pointed out post before @Donb1 its showing yellow caution , I couldn’t find that on drone scene , so I guess it’s just a case of be sensible a yellow does not mean you can not does it .

I know the park well as inspected it regularly prior to retirement, the railway warning is only down to the kids train ride so as it says just use caution but find a quiet place to take off and land anyway. Will watch out for your videos :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Cheers mate I used to go there as I child & seen a few firework displays there & delivered the portaloos when the festivals have been on , just hoping maybe near by and sort of within get some decent footage I e statue of the duke etc , I’ll do my best in trying to put something together :crossed_fingers:t2:

Well that went down like a lead balloon :balloon::grinning: nothing major,great place to TOAL from at a local park,more trees tho than Santa puts presents under,which didn’t really help the transmission ( well I think that’s what It was ) :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree: never had transmission keep going up & down like that before,even tho the area was quite open for TOAL but I had to hide under trees because of the sun lol,so I probally did not do myself any favours,didn’t get any video footage but got some countryside photos in & around,my nerves got the better of me so I just practised & got a few snaps nothing special but I’ll post them in a bit,just boring landscape & a couple of lakes,I have to admit flying a drone is one thing but the photo & video side of things is a differnt ball game,all be it photos easier of the 2 but my hands was to shakey for small movements with the controller for video so I didn’t even attempt it sorry,I hope I’ll get the hang of it soon & not walk away from it,I hate quitting or giving up ( not my intentions ) not any time soon,didn’t think the trees would be a problem well not for being in fcc mode.

I was exactly the same … could hardly control the drone due to shaking hands!
Keep practicing, don’t give up …. I still have the odd “moment”, but practice really does help :slight_smile:

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Little tip.

The auto reaction to looking at the screen is lower the angle of the controller, opposite when you’re in the sun is bring it closer to you.

Controller works best at about 60 degrees and pointing at the drone (hard if you’re under trees)

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To be honest it probably wasn’t the best place for the first flight, there can be a lot of people about and you know you shouldn’t be flying over people intentionally with that drone, I guess you were a bit nervous with that in mind. Try and find somewhere boring, wide open and nothing to worry about to hone your skills… then after several flight and some footage try again, but be wary of overflying… and you know, being under trees isn’t great for the signal… Cheers

The park we’re I TOAL’D from was empty & I stayed on the skirts of forestry & didn’t fly over people,thanks for your advice tho !

Network rail, there is no rail anywhere near WCP. Been there hundreds of times… Never flown a drone there though, but one thing I found rather annoying, was I can’t ride by bike around the park. So what they might say about you flying your drone from within the park, who knows. Anyway, before I had to sell my drone, I did consider taking off from one of the nearby fields, but never got around to it.

EDIT… They do have a miniature railway though, maybe that’s what they meant hahaha. Definitely not part of the network though

I didn’t TOAL from WCP there’s a little park near by that has a tennis club on the side which I was the only person in the park,right at the back of the park too very peaceful too .
No dramas what so ever