West Midlands Meet 06/10/19

Meetup happening tomorrow for everyone in the West Midlands area.

Barr Beacon from 10am.

All been dependant on the weather, but it has calmed so it’s going ahead.


Why not. @AndyCortez I may have a friend coming who doesn’t know which way he bends. FPV or dji. He doesn’t have a drone yet, but he is dead set on one and I seen that in myself a few years back. If we make it, I can show him FPV. Would one of you guys show him the dji side?

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Absolutely! I can even show him the half n half (Mavic + Goggles) lol

Cool. I’d like to see that to.

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Getting charged up now. See you there!

Ooooh. Me to.

I think the wind kept a few people away. Good couple of hours flying though, if a bit gusty.