West Yorks /NYorks meet?


whats that?


“Spot the drone”


sorry Dave pictures really small couldn’t make out what it was


Same size as the original … on my screen.
For some reason it’s not opening your image to full res.


Pass us some binoculars!


well what an interesting evening!

Thanks to Dave and Pippa for sorting us out.

Big thanks to all present for helping me get my Air up and flying around. I have the confidence now to get flying on my own :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:



Sounds like a great meet guys, certainly the biggest GADC meeting thus far!

@Yorksnproud has rightly been awarded the ‘Over and Above’ badge for opening his home to you all AND providing food and drink :+1:

Dave, if you host something like this again, please don’t pick Wednesdays, it’s the only day of the week I can’t make it :blush:

Thanks again for hosting, sounds like a great time was had by all, despite the weather!

Cheers @Yorksnproud :beers:


Thanks Rich, it was our pleasure and thanks for the badge.

It really goes to show that for people new to Drones, the best way to give them confidence is to put them with one or two experienced pilots, so they can see first hand what their Drone is capable of and how to get the best from it.

And that was the whole purpose as far as I was concerned, of organising a meet-up.

Although I wasn’t new to flying at 400 feet, I appreciate that it is daunting to someone who hasn’t even seen a Drone at that height before.

It’s all about confidence, because let’s face it, these things are not toys, they are very expensive sophisticated pieces of equipment that are capable of going very fast and very high, and we don’t want to crash or lose one.

So here’s hoping that more meets happen where we can not only help those that have just purchased a Drone, but those seriously interested in getting started and need some guidance.

Oh and Wednesdays are out in future mate.


Mavic air owner here,near junction 26 on M62,would love to meet up with any flyers.


Welcome to the Forum, Jonathan!

I’m sure some of these other guys in that part of the country will respond to you soon. :+1:


I am over in Halifax, there are quite a few of us in West Yorks.
Always up for a meet, just drop a message on here, am sure the West Yorks contingent will make one in.
Maybe not today though, just looked out of the window and it’s pi**ing it down.


Worth valley steam railway (Keighley) steam trains and open fields?hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


@jonathantozer We are having a meet up on Wed this week.

Im Bradford Area too mate. Feel free to join us if you are able.

Meet is out at Ribblehead Viaduct at midday.



Thanks for the offer but weekdays are pretty tied up,anytime over the weekend works for me.


No worries, im same but booked day off, makes a change from working :slight_smile:


Great evening with Mick at Castle hill Huddersfield yesterday.


Try upping to you tube Dave easier to share but very good video
Hope you took a shot for the competition


Well done Dave. It was a good evening, even if we did need our big coats.
Cracking footage.:+1:


I normally link to YouTube but having a problem uploading to it. For some reason it’s not showing.


It’s all them other dodgy videos you have been upping :crazy_face: