What 3rd party apps do you use on CrystalSky monitor?

Hi all,
The title says it all really. Being a new and happy CS user I am curious to know what apps people are loading onto their monitors.

I’ve edited the home screen launcher settings to have GO3 displayed as the big main app in the middle of the home screen (GO3 is needed for the Inspire) and I use a modified GO4 app on the CS when flying the Mavic.

Other apps installed are:

  • PolarPro
  • Litchi
  • HDSync
  • Modded GO4 (alongside the built in GO4, should I ever need it)
  • Amazon App Store (required only for Litchi on the CS)

I’d like to get UAV Forecast on there but it didn’t work the last time I tried, not tried it for a while now though.

That’s all I have though, I tend to keep it as minimal as I can :+1:

Thanks. I understand keeping it to a minimum but would love to have the NATS Drone Assist
app on it but it says it needs Google Play Services in order to run. Do you know of any similar app that provides UK information that does run on CS


To run? Or just to install?

I’m guessing that NATS app has Google Maps services running in the background?

Did you try to side load it? :thinking:

To run. It does install and run but won’t display any maps.

Not sure how to side load it. Will check it out though


If you’ve installed it from a memory card, email attachment, usb pen drive, dropbox download, etc, then you’ve already side loaded it :slight_smile:

I meant that, rather than downloading and installing the app from one of the ‘app stores’ :+1:

Ah ok so that’s what it means !!
I have only tried downloading the APK file from the CS browser and then installing it. Is it different if I do it from the Sd card etc. Not sure I see why.

My thanks as ever,


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That will be the same result.

Thanks. I suspected as much