What a fool i was

well today i packed me drone and bits and pieces including my new smart remote and headed off to Richmond park to use the remote for the first time ,well got to the field and realized i forgot to pack the mavics battery’s.
Has anyone else suffered this brain fade?


I forgot the SD card … just once!

Now I have two, and as soon as I take one out another goes in IMMEDIATELY … so that will never happen again.

i keep the battery’s in fireproof bags then put them in a ammo box away from everything, maybe i should just use the bags for charging and put the batteries in the drone case,maybe im being to over cautious

Yes,on a regular basis,took of a couple of weeks ago,and thought i had a camera fault,had forgotten to remove the gimble cover…And today? yes i forgot my sd card!!! thank f@#* the mp2 has internal storage!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I was up there yesterday 3 inspires a few airs couple of planes I had my flamewheel 330home build easily done walked all the way to the field LEFT MY HAND SET IN THE CAR your not the first and you won’t be the last

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Going to try again today,lets hope i get it right and not,take the batteries and forget the drone :grin:

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I remember the first time I took a Phantom 3 Advanced to Norway about 3 years ago.
So chuffed I got it on the Cruise ship through security.
Went to charge the batteries up in my cabin…forgot the bloody charger !!.
Luckily for me, I saw a day or two later that one of the crew had a phantom 3 he was flying on shore.
Told him of my plight, and kindly let me borrow it when I needed it to charge the batteries up !.
Needles to say he got a special tip at the end of the holiday!.
Just to prove it happens to the best of us !.

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Forgetting wedding anniversaries , wife’s birthday , children’s birthday … acceptable . Forgetting drone batteries ? Totally unacceptable!


I feel for you. It’s a great place to get some interesting footage.
Here’s a 360 pic you can use to find a location to take off from :wink:

*went out and left my case for my props at home. lucky it was noto far away thank god and forgot to charge my batteries

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I forgot to take phone cable once but luckily a mate had a spare on him at the time