What a place to fly a drone!


The Red rock desert Arizona … not exactly Grimethorpe UK


2hrs damn nice (well the first 4 minutes are)


I’d agree with that!

I’ve flown in Arizona a couple of times and it is beautiful. Some places you have to be careful as they don’t like you flying in National Parks* or over Native American reservations, but to be honest it’s not hard to find somewhere pretty to fly.

*I’d love to have flown at Sedona, but it’s banned.


Well Russ you do have a justifiable reason to visit the states to be honest what with the wife and all

They are a lot of nice places in uk that we don’t even think to look for


Very true - on both counts!

Last time I was over there I drove from Los Angeles to Phoenix. I found myself getting very picky about where to fly, just because I could.

Then again, I was at Framlingham Castle yesterday, wishing I had my drone, wandering around & looking for ideal launch points.


It is funny, we spend more time looking for perfect launch sites trying to get a “Drones Eye” perspective, than we often do flying the area we have just spent 30 minutes looking for !.
Then fly it in a matter of a few minutes, because we can !