What am I missing? (Re: Long Posts)

The Daily Photo Thread has over 1,800 posts!
How do you get to the most recent posts, on any hotly debated topic, without an ‘aching flicking finger?’.

What am I missing!!

Click on that “1/1838” … then it’s self explanatory.

Sorry Dave,
When I tried that nothing happened.

I’ll try again. Cheers :+1:

Missed the Jump to button!

I can take my finger out of the splint now!
I knew it must be something obvious.

Or click and drag the slider.
Or click the last date.

Slider doesn’t work on my iPhone 7.
But jump to works just fine.

Thanks once more Dave for showing me what should have been obvious! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Much appreciated as I have been wading through long posts since last year.:+1:

I have a spare Android I can sell you? :wink:

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Only just got the 7, so I think I’ll stick with that!

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With all this “stay at home” these will be as valuable as a mask !!! lol
Get buying, will make you a fortune.