What did Santa bring

Well Santa has bought a new addition to my collections a nice sparkly Typhoon H Plus with St16s groundstatio and a few spare batteries and other bits. Didn’t get a chance to fly today to much food laying around. Will try for boxing day.

Happy crimbo peeps hope your are all having fun😁


Very nice! and Merry Christmas! Never seen one of these and know nothing about them! Do tell, whats it like? How does it compare to a DJI Mavic for instance?


Hope everyone one a great Christmas Day. I Got quite a few drone related presents ( unfortunately not the Mavic 2 Pro! :slightly_frowning_face:) as it seems I may have become a bit drone obsessed!!

Two off my favourite are:

And this puzzle which is from my winning GADC entry from the golden hour competition- really chuffed with this one as I think this makes me a published photographer :wink:


No drone related presents for me.

Did get 2 boxes of craft beer and 3 bottles of whisky so I’m happy.

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Nice :+1:
I got a nice multi charger for my Mavic 2 batteries :smiley:
I can now charge all four in just over an hour :rofl:

Happy Christmas Chaps! / Chapets!


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That is quite possibly the coolest drone-related thing I have ever seen :scream:

Love it :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


I think this picture speaks for itself my son bought them for me.

I’ve had a few quick flights with them now and love them you can see so much more from the camera.




Me neither this year!

But I did get a set of seriously cool Apple AirPods :grimacing:


How u finding them @PingSpike I was talked out of them in duty free Dixon’s a few weeks back, still undecided

I’ve been using the wired version that came with the iPhone for donkeys years. I use it at my desk, in the car, everywhere.

I now have no wires :bowing_man:

Which means I no longer have to balance the phone on my leg when driving because the wire wasn’t long enough to reach somewhere suitable to rest the phone. It also means I can now leave the phone on my desk and wander round the house while still actually on the phone :+1:t2:

Call quality is flawless, I’ve asked a few people if they can hear me ok and it’s crystal clear at their end too.

For music there are some cool features, you can double tap the right ear to skip forwards, double tap left ear to skip back a track. If you take one out of your ear the music pauses itself :slight_smile:

The bass is much deeper on these too, and coming from a basshead, I am genuinely impressed considering their size!

Battery life seems good (back to work next week so that’ll be the real test), they charge themselves up while in the case.

If you use a headset a lot you’ll wonder why you didn’t get these years ago. I know I am :blush:

Damn that’s a nice looking remote :drooling_face:

My goto headphones are a trusty pair of Bose QC25’s which really are very good, for anything from long haul flights to TV watching.

As for earbuds I wear a pair of Soundmagic’s but wanted some bluetooth ones for beside the pool, and when I’m at home walking the dog.

I like the idea of truely no cable, my daughter has a nice pair of Ankers (pressie from me) but they still have a wire between them.

So Apple, Bose or Anker, the seach goes on for the truly wireless experience

DTH: can I ask you which multi charger youve got for the M2? (seeing the other thread on Asian “fire starters”…

Hi Steve,

I got this one…
All good so far!

Tx, Ill go the same way and we can create a test sample group of 2;)


Yeah, StartRC stuff, pretty good for the price. I have them for the P3 and Inspire.

Santa bought me a Tello to play with, he must’ve checked my browsing history for ‘drone’ :smiley:
nice little indoor toy, was looking at the Phantom, Mavic, and Spark, my half century on Mon so bought myself the Spark, after much deliberation, suits my needs (decided where to fit within my photo gear) and well within budget (so change spent on accessories :wink: )
Once I master the ‘flying camera’ side of things I hope to add many GB of pics / vids to my collection…


3 months later update?

These are still on my wish list, how you finding them Rich now the Christmas novelty has worn off (maybe)

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I still absolutely lurve them :heart_eyes:

To add to my review further up, I also discovered that if you’re listening to music on your phone and have Apple Watch, the the dial on the crown of the Watch instantly becomes a volume dial for the AirPods :scream: :clap:t2: :bowing_man:

If you’re an Apple user and: