What do I do

HELP WHAT DO I DO. I’m at the cathkin breas who’s wed site says suitable nor model aircraft.
Fly or not ???

here is the said web site

How high are you planning to fly? I’d personally fly at low altitudes ifnit looks safe.

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That was my feelings too,then as I was setting up the bloody police helicopter flew over :sob:

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The red warning is letting you know it’s class D airspace. It’s not really relevant to drones under 20kg.

You will get that a lot in west of scotland.

As long as your 5km from Glasgow airport you are good to go. (The new regs state 1km but I still do 5 to be on safe side).

Just be vigilant, stick to drone code, keep VLOS and you will be fine mate.


Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated


That’s what so great about this forum. Any questions and you get a positive, level headed and very well informed answers, and normally in less than a day. Certainly made my experience as a new drone flyer a lot more enjoyable and less scary!