What happens if you lose rc-phone connection mid flight?

I’m not talking about signal between the rc and the drone, I’m talking about the cable between the phone and the rc.

And I guess for the Mini 2 or mavic mini.

The images stops relaying, VLOS is your friend as the RC still operates the drone. :+1:


Thanks exactly what I wanted to know. So rc inputs will still work indefinitely?

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Yes mate, I flew my mini 2 on the weekend without my phone just for fun. :+1:

Good for practice too :slightly_smiling_face:

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My DJI App crashed on Saturday, before restarting. The Mini2 still responded to the controls and the RTH button still worked ( just remember to set the RTH height and be careful if under trees ). Thankfully the App restarted pretty quickly on its own, but it was nice to know things would still work even if I wasn’t able to see the drones camera feed.

As McSteamy said, VLOS is very much your friend here.


You don’t even need a phone connected to fly.

Flown the MP many times without … especially if launching in a hurry to catch a pic of something fleeting. Framing just becomes a bit of guesswork - but I’ve still had success. That success probably comes from loads of flying my old P2/GoPro with no vide feed, app, or anything.


I did this on Saturday, quite enjoyed just flying without the screen.

Hard to know when you’ve got enough SATS though when first taking off.

The flashing LEDs tell you.


Yeah I went with the rapid green flash after some slower flashes. I’m guessing that was the indication that I had SATS. Either that or I was in sport mode :man_facepalming:

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That’s the ones. Been the same on all DJI models since the P1, AFAIK.

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Including taking off, landing and photos/video?

Indeed. It’s not necessary. The drone and the RC is all you need … except for a couple (?) of models that use the phone’s WiFi for connection to the drone.