What happens when you strap a Insta 360 One X2 to a DJI FPV

Born out of an idea yesterday, brought to life tonight

All @speatuk work, I’ve just got the good internet at work for the 4GB upload (thank you Janet)

Cantley Park Doncaster, @Howard78 as spotter.

Brought to you by the Donnie Field Flyers


Thanks for this @milkmanchris

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No thank you Steve, this is fucking awesome, reason enough to pull the trigger on the X2

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Love it @milkmanchris @speatuk :+1::movie_camera:

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Brilliant video and flying. Great work @speatuk

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OK - that’s it - I officially hate the pair of you @speatuk and @milkmanchris - I’ve been happily sitting on the fence about buying a DJI FPV and an Insta 360 camera - now because of you two I’m having to go and sell one of my kidneys to get into this kit :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously - fekkin cracking video and I’m convinced I need a setup like this :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you both :+1:

As @milkmanchris said above. It was born out of an idea he had. He said “print one of these brackets and put the X2 on the FPV, see how it flys.”

So I did and to be totally honest with everyone, you could not tell the extra camera was there. No vibrations, nothing.

It was completely edited on the insta360 app in about 5 minutes.

Thank you Chris for the idea and the upload to YouTube.

It’s the first “real opportunity” I have had to use the X2 camera and I must say, I am massively impressed.


Now all we need is the VR experience, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJotbSS00H8

That can be done with the footage I did above just no reframing and upload as 360.

If that is what you want I will have a go at uploading.

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On with it


Yes definitely. It’s a cool video for sure, but if you can’t interact with the video and look around, the whole idea of it being 360 is kind of wasted. Cheers

I actually disagree with you to a point, if you have played about with 360 video’s sometimes it is better to reframe them to show the shot you were trying to achieve as sometimes only looking around in a 360 view does not actually show the degree of perspective the creator of the content wishes to show.

but I suppose it is subjective.

I’m just making an mp4 out of the stupid .insv file the camera creates so I can add the meta data for it so shows as a VR experience

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Have to agree with you. You can’t have a normal camera pointing in every direction simultaneously, but retrospectively extracting the normal perspective from the 360 gives you the opportunity to have any/every direction covered.

Interactive is cool, too, though.

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Got to go out for a while so I have set this “go live” at 19:00 this evening.
It “should” if I have done this correctly, be VR enabled.

link is below


These 3d videos are awesome! Great job guys! :clap:t2:

The suspense is excruciating!



tenor (24)

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Probably still uploading. These 28k modems … :roll_eyes:

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I prefer the original edit