What is the CAA category for a DJI AIR 2

I’ve been used to flying a Mini2 sub250 gm drone. I’ve now got an AIR2 and not to clear on what conditions apply to it. I have looked a CAA site but still not too sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The drone (at the moment) makes no odds, its where you want to fly it that matters


The info and link are much appreciated.
But I’ve gone through that Q&A and I still am not sure of what applies in my case. It was always clear with my Mini2 , but I must be getting senile as so much of the Info is not clear to me. In particular as to where I can fly.

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Afraid it’s much more restricted that the Mini 2 is.

According to the specs, the Air2 is a 570g drone. That means it’s in the most restrictive A3 category.

If you take (and pass) your A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) test you can fly it in the A2 Transitional category

But that is only if you have your A2CofC

(There is another option, which is to fly under Article 16 as a member of a flying club… but generally, if you can do that you know what it is and when it applies.)

It’s very detailed in it’s response @Maxpower it should be quite clear (we’ve done over 15,000+ of those Q&A’s now).

Click on the share link when you finish the Q&A, copy and paste the share link here, and let us know which parts you don’t understand.

Thanks for the input. I have A 2 CoC, and I have run thru the Q&A a few times now, but even now I’m. being told that it’s either A2 or A3 so which is it. It makes me look rather stupid in that I can’t determine what applies.

But if others can’t get it right, it can’t just be me.
I do appreciate your help. Thanks.

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(In a nut shell) It depends on the location of your intended flight.

  • A2: Flying ‘close to’ people
  • A3: Flying ‘far from’ people

Thanks. That makes it easy to understand.