What screwdriver do I need, please!

I have a Cendence Controller for use with an Inspire 2 which has a patch panel already attached. I doubt I will use it very often but it came with the deal. I therefore have just got a 3D printed mount which enables quick install/removal of the panel without the faff of removing/losing the screws.

This leads to the simple nerdy question.Which driver (which I haven’t got) for the standard screws already attaching the panel to the controller do I need? I don’t recognise the screw head other than it is a very, very small one! Sorry if that is a bit technical :blush:


Hi John, any chance of a picture?

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Had a quick Google, John. Don’t quote me on this (if I’m wrong, back to “Give us a pic” :wink: ) but I think it’s a Torx you’re looking for, size may be a T6…

Thanks Joe. I believe I have a screwdriver set with some Torx drivers now I think about it so I will have a go at finding them.

Will report back. Thanks.


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Did the pic so may as well post it.

Not a Torx at all :slight_smile: Looks like it’s just a plain Hex? Teeny tiny Allen key might do the job?

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OK. I think the drivers wallet has other “pointy” things in it if memory serves me. Just a matter of remembering where I saw it last.

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