What sharpness setting do you find best?

Every subject I have looked at with regards to cinematic settings says use - 1 for sharpness, I’m finding that - 1 gives me a watercolour effect and just looks bad. I’m going to go rogue and try + 1. What do you find works

I’ve lost track of how much conflicting advice there is regarding settings online. I suggest you go for what you think works best for you.

+1, -1, 0

Those are my settings for Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation

For Sharpness, anything less than +1 and DJI’s Noise reduction kicks in making the picture/video muddy

I use the same +1 -1 0

I’ve been using -1 too, maybe this is where I’ve been going wrong :thinking:

I’m going to rouge it out with @StevenPSCC and try a +1 instead :smiley:

It seems +1 sharpness is the correct setting, its like night and day. Cant believe everything I have read says -1


Thanks for taking the time to check this out - I’ll give it a go.

You can always add a little blur or unsharpness in post too to make it less harsh, but without the muddyness that the mavic setting results in

Tried +1 - much better results.