What sort of prizes would you like to see? 🤔

As you may have seen, our new #competitions-and-prize-draws are now under way:

And there’s still time to enter the current completion to win:

With the ball now rolling we’d love to know what sort of prizes you’d like to see in future competitions and prize draws.

Please let us know in this multiple-choice poll.

  • Small drones (eg. DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini 3)
  • Mid-sized drones (eg. DJI Air 2S)
  • Large drones (eg. DJI Mavic 3)
  • FPV drones (eg. DJI Avata, DJI FPV)
  • FPV kit (eg. radios, goggles, FCs, batteries, frames)
  • Smart Controllers (eg. DJI RC, DJI RC Pro)
  • Tablets (eg. Apple iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy)
  • Small portable power banks (example)
  • Medium portable power banks (example)
  • Large portable power stations (example)
  • Other (must be drone related!)

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And if you’re ticking ‘other’, please let us know what you had in mind :blush:


A spare battery :smiley:

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Fly more kits.


Perhaps given the range of interests people have within the hobby, the odd gift card (e.g for HobbyRC) might be good?


I have ticked “other”

I think that most people who are attracted to the forum and thence to a competition will already have a drone / controller / ancillary kit.

So if I should see a comp for a power bank I won’t be interested, I already have one. Similarly I have enough drones from ,250g to large octocopters to be embarrassing. What tends to be useful is money or a voucher.

Very boring I know but I would rather a (for instance) £100 drone shopvoucher than two batteries for a Mini 3. Then I can buy batteries for an Air 2 or a Phantom 4 or whatever I need rather than accumulate another piece of lit that is of little use.

Either that or, by all means, offer a piece of shiny but with a cash alternative.

I have been almost hooked several times by an offer of a van with a set of power tools or a Matrice lit - the prize has attracted my attention but, if I were ever to win my head would say pick the cash alternative - you can do a lot more with it!


If you win, what ever prize you win is worth something. The internet and local media is full of auction/preloved sites…if you don’t like what you win, sell it on. Simple.

Cash - people win it, doesn’t have to spent in the hobby and that’s a shame

Vouchers - Limited to where you can spend them, and well…you ever got a voucher for Christmas for some place you don’t like?

I get where your coming from, but actually winning a ‘prize’ to me mean’s more than getting a voucher or cash.

And some people are only just starting out, and would be absolutely made up to win an upgrade :smile:


Hope this maybe included in the tablet cat. :grin:

Great feedback already everyone, thank you.

Keep the discussions going, these prize draws, and the prizes themselves, will only ever be as good as the interest and support that’s in them :blush:

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Not as ambitious as most In terms of other, but how about:

  • A few years UavData subscription
  • Voucher for any of the reputable drone repair houses
  • Drone Insurance or DJI care refresh/ refresh renewal
  • FPV UK Membership/Renewal

Granted, they mostly apply to newer/less affluent pilots but …


As I said, I am not immune to the competitions such as - “win a fabulous new kitchen” (useless to me!) OR 15,000 in cash.

But I think these comps will have a wider audience and hence more people going for them and, it is hoped, more profit to plough back into the prize pot or into GADC itself, if there is the cash alternative.

I admit that’s the lazy way, saves me from breaking seals, photographing the kit, reboxing it, advertising it and exposing myself to the sort of reptiles that lurk on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree. Then losing a chunk of commission.

(The only problem with our own excellent sales and wanted category is that it’s reach is too small :frowning: )

Small to large size shoulder bags.


Would love to see a full kit of parts to get somebody started with FPV.


I agree. I wonder if the site could have a side banner, randomly showing what’s in the ‘for sale / wanted’ category :thinking:

I voted Large portable power station as I seen one in a campervan build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

cash alternative on big prices.

whatever the prize is I will buy tickets to help support the site.

Weekend with a escort and I don’t mean ford :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There are lots of people on here who are new or just starting out so a lot of the “basic” stuff in the list would be welcomed by them - some of us only have one drone, not dozens, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a spare.

I think cases and backpacks would be good, some of the posh ones are north of £100-150.

Maybe vouchers giving permission to fly at NT/EH properties?? :nerd_face::crazy_face:


Nice idea. I wouldn’t want to pay for / fuel their grip on restrictions though

Can we keep this thread on topic, please. This isn’t a place to discuss selling on other platforms.

A couple of ideas…

Lucky dip (a mystery apart from the drone model?) bag of drone specific bits (props/ LED’s/ camera filters etc.)

Training (e g. A2CofC / GVC course through GADC partner organizations)

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A paid for training course could be a prize. Whether its dji or fpv etc


You could on some occasions do a prize draw of several much smaller prizes. Meaning that there would be many winners, albeit the prizes would be a bit smaller. It would be a bit like a raffle then.