What tablet do you fly with?

I normally use a Nvidia Shield K1 when flying but am looking for something smaller as well like an old phone.

I know the iPhone 5S is supported but does anyone use one? Is it worth getting a secondhand 5s or something newer such as a 6s.

This will be dedicated to the Mavic so don’t want to go over the top price wise.

Newer the better for future proofing.

Everyone over at mavic pilots are raving about the Huawei Ascend XT2. Apparently rock solid.

Not available in UK but sure you could pick one up on eBay. Best bang for buck by looks of it.

Spotted one on eBay for £60 and £10 delivery from USA.

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Never heard of it but will take a look.

Just found a 7” tablet by the same company, £54 on Amazon


Normally my 5.5” CrystalSky for portability with either my Mavic or Spark, or, if I need a larger screen I use my 7.85” CrystalSky.

I use an iphone 7 plus and it works flawlessly imo…

I’ve been tempted by an ipad mini however once you start adding a big screen to view and a big carry case your starting to take the ‘easy to travel’ with factor away.

I think there was some talk of that but it does not work well with last few versions of DJI go4 app. Previous versions worked great.

Correct, exactly the reson why i havn’t took the plunge and continue to fly with my 7+

I want some dji goggles anyway… :wink: however i would like them to be not so ‘big’ and more fatshark dominator size…

Had one delivered today, hopefully get to test it this weekend.

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My iPad Mini 2 used to throw regular ‘CPU Overloaded’ warnings, so with that in mind I’d advise against an iPhone 5S

If it ever stops raining will give it a go today

Ordered a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to be a dedicated device for my Mavic. Currently flying with my iPhone 6s. Don’t mind the 6s but as it’s my personal phone, I hardly have battery left after 3 Mavic batteries worth of flight time.

Redmi Note 4 will be my first Android mobile and the first android device to be used with my Mavic Pro.

There’s also talk of this tablet - Huawei MediaPad T3

£60 at Argos at the mo. Only works with an older version of the Go4 app.

Do you know which version(s)?

And welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:


That’s the same one I posted above. Had one delivered but not used it yet, been raining all day.

Thanks for the invite.

From what I’ve read, it works best with version 4.1.9

Sorry mate, missed your post. Let us know how you get on.

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If it ever stops raining I’ll give it a go.

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iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5

The problem with using an android os is that the dji app isnt refined for it so it will crash and freeze allot more than it does on an IOS device. Theres lots of threads about this on pritty much every drone forum/social media site.

Reason for this is its allot easy for dji to make the app for IOS because there is only one version of IOS. Android has loads of os’s within its android market which you get depending on the type of device that its installed on. This makes it 100x harder for android to create a stable app for it.

My honest opinion is just buy a decent IOS ran device as there are ALLOT less problems