What will happen next?

So here’s a hypothetical scenario I’d like some advice on. I have been watching more Mavic Mini “How to make better videos” style videos lately. I was particularly interested in one where the pilot was flying through objects, in one instance he flew through the open windows of his car.

I’m not suggesting that I do this, but I liked the video it produced.

I have been thinking about how the Mavic Mini might react to something like that given that it has ground sensors. I could see it flying in the window of the car, sensing the window frame, taking avoidance action and slamming into the roof inside the car.

What do you think it would do?

In order to fly through an object such as a car window, you turn ALL sensors off and make sure whatever you are trying to fly through you can see straight through to the other side.

Hope that this helps

Thanks @alexmciver - not sure that you can turn the sensors off on the Mavic Mini, but maybe I just haven’t got to that page in the user manual :confounded:

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Fly it through as slow as you can, preferably in tripod mode and speed the video up in post.


The mini only has downward sensors

I think that you are right in saying that you can’t maybe try @milkmanchris idea

Watch the YouTube video link below. He talks about flying like you want to. Might help and give you ideas.

TMS Productions

Sport mode. Straight through, no sensors.


Too quick though

Does being in “Sport Mode” turn off the sensors?

What the hell’s the matter with this guys chest, he’s horribly misshapen :scream:

easy way to find out put it in sports mode let it hover and put your hand underneath and raise it up to the drone if the drone rise the sensors are on if it doesn’t and to can touch the drone they are off

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Yes, that’s exactly the thing to do. The spec says that you cannot currently turn them off on the MINI (I have seen posts elsewhere asking for that to be considered as future feature update), but I can certainly give that a go and report back.

Please do

It does on the Mavic Pro. The stopping distance is increased, there’s no way the drone will stop to avoid an obstacle in time when it’s going at full speed.

Hi there yes that was a good video and no you can’t turn of the sensors on the main mini. To stop the drone flying up you cover the sensor with tape this allows the drone to fly straight and not rise when sensing objects. Hope this helps.

I wondered about covering the sensors @james6belgravia but wasn’t sure how the Mini would react. Must try that next time I am out, half expect the app to complain about the sensors.

Make sure you film the attempt with another camera. If the worst happens and it smashes into the car, it’ll make great footage!


Check out this video:

Should do exactly what you want it to do :+1:t2:

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That’s funny. I headed out today with some masking tape to try this very same thing. In the end the weather was just too windy and I couldn’t fly. At least I don’t have to perform the experiments myself now :+1:

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