Whatever happened to drone gateway?

It would appear that they have gone out of business,website now offline,I nearly ordered my mavic pro platinum from them as they had prices that were too good to be true,as the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be true , it probably is!.Thank god i did not!.Anybody had any dealings with them,or were they a scam from beginning??

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of them before mate.

Just did some digging, found nothing but bad reports of scams due to them only accepting payment via bank transfer!

I think you got lucky, here’s one example:

Pinging @kenny.j in to this thread as I think he was going to use them?

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Thankfully I found Mavic Pilots before actually ordering. I was suspicious when I tried to call them and no-one answered and then but the fact that you could only pay by bank transfer, that was the point that sealed the deal. No real world company would expect someone to pay by bank transfer.

In the end I bought from Toby Deals .co.uk. They sell to only the UK and Ireland at present I think, selling as a UK company but operating from Hong Kong. I got an absolute craving deal. They say in the small print (if you delve deep enough) that the price you see on screen is the price you pay. They deal with all import/customs charges so you will never pay more than the advertised amount.

I actually paid slightly less than advertised - I guess the GBP to HK$ exchange rate was in my favour. For once I got in before the prices went up. They are currently selling the same kit I bought for ÂŁ78 more.

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