When a simple repair goes wrong

When I was out last week what I thought was my battery sparking turned out to be the pigtail as it had rubbed on the frame through to the copper.

I was amazed as I wouldn’t of thought carbon fiber to be conductive :thinking:

I realize this could of been an easy repair, A Bit Of Insulation Tap and off you go, but I decided to do a proper job i.e de solder the pigtail and slip some heat shrink over it :+1:

And that’s where it all went wrong, I have power to the FC and the Vista, my goggles have a feed but I have no controls i.e none of the switches work on my hand set.

To date, Iv linked the FC to Betaflight and flicked the mode switches and zero happens ?. Iv given the FC a good coat of looking at, and can only find a couple of anomalies as in the pictures below…

This is where my Vista plugs in, as you can see there seem to be 1 connector on the right that doesn’t seem normal, or is it :man_shrugging:

This is where I re soldered my pigtail back on Bit Of A Mess I Know, but as you can see I touched the said component with the iron slightly and got a little solder on it :disappointed:

Would anyone know what the said component is and could it be my issue ?? and is the connector supposed to be like that as I’m sure the end one isn’t used ???..

Many thanks

Bent Pin:

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Looks more of a pig’s ear, to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Might be wrong but I thought the reason pigtails aren’t soldered is to limit the damage to the board during a crash scenario. :man_shrugging:

I think he’s referring to his Power pigtail (the connection to the battery)

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Ok is that 1 used ??? as I think the 1 next to it is the Sbus …

Your not wrong, iv just been on Amazon looking for a magnifying glass as Iv come to realize Im getting as blind as a bat


Makes sense

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It’s still shorting out with the pin next to it and it will also prevent the connector from being pushed in all the way so will also prevent proper connection to the other pins.

So used or not it will need fixing.

On it :+1:

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Carbon fibre is very conductive. It’s how you can tell if you’ve been sold genuine CF or G10/CF laminate.

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Messy but fine I reckon. It’s a low ohm resistor used for current sensing.

Well all sorted thanks, it was indeed the pin and it took some fiddling with as to get right …