When do you replace props?

I inspect the props on my Mavic zoom before every flight for any signs of damage but I was wondering, is there a recommended replacement interval based on flying hours, even if they look undamaged? I mean, they have hinges and eventually they will break, but when is eventually?

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I replaced them on my Inspire when I first got it, as I was unsure how the previous owner may have treated them.

I’m still using the original set that came with my Mavic Pro all those years ago :+1:t2:


I’ve just double checked on the AirData service schedules and there is no mention of replacing props, even on the full 200+ flights / 2000+ airtime maintenance schedule.

Just check for damage :+1:t2:


Thanks Rich, would you not consider replacing them before they’re worn out? I’m thinking particularly of the hinged type that have moving parts.

Of the 8 joints on mine, 7 are reasonably stiff and one is loose.

Interesting. :+1:

I’m not sure how I’d know if they were worn out or not?

I just searched the Mavic Pro PDF user manual, no mention of replacing props on there either :man_shrugging:

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Sadly I haven’t got Airdata 360 Gold. :disappointed_relieved:

If DJI provided an official recommendation on replacing them every 2 years or something then yes, I’d probably follow their guidance rather than risk any for for the sake of £20.

But I’m not seeing anything official from them.

I wonder if other drone manufacturers recommend replacement after a period of time or use?

@stevesb @Turbys9 anything from Yuneec?

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I’ve not seen anything from yuneec. And nothing from the other manufacturers for my Tarot.
I think it’s a case of inspect before every flight.


I think I was told after about 50hours flying recommended to change props. This figure was quoted by UAV8, but was not a figure suggested by them.

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No hinges to worry about on the Typhoon H props :grinning:. I read somewhere that Yuneec have stated that “as long as the propellers lock snugly in place and are damage free, they are good to go”; I take it that means no lifetime limits on them unless they feel loose from a worn locking mechanism / prop hub.


I’ve had the same set of DJI 10x45 props on one of my 550 size hex’s since 2013. The hubs and the root of the props are quite substantial with no signs of stress and no nicks along the blade.

The folding props as on the Mavic’s might have other wear issues though. I’d check for excessive play where the pivot goes through the base of the prop. I do this with my Spark however I’ve yet to find any issues after over two years of flying on the original DJI props.

One thing to be weary off is after market copies. Some Anafi owners have experience of props breaking away in flight with some third party eBay and Amazon offerings. Closer inspection of the hub of these props has shown that sometimes the holes are not perfectly circular and the amount of material around the hub is quite thin in places.



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Hi all,

The official line from Yuneec is that the props should be replaced if damaged or loose fitting, nothing about flight hours or time scales.

Hope this is helpful :sunglasses:


I have not used any after market props on any of my drones.
All the props on all my drones are the originals that were on them when I purchased the drone.
I have never had to replace any of them, it all comes down to how you look after your drones in general.
I always clean my props after every session, and check for any damage to them.
I have not even removed the plastic protection film from off any of the spare props.


Just seen something about Parrot Anafi props possibly breaking in flight. Seems they can weaken at a certain point and also the screws can come loose over time. So check if you have an Anafi.
I think drone maintenance is a very grey area generally. I tried to get design life figures from them but they just ignored my request. As the air authorities consider drones to be aicraft I’m surprised that they let this go.

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