When drone meets drone

This is no way to say hello …

(From Leicester Drones facebook page)

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@kvetner Opps! :woozy_face:
Front sensor not working :roll_eyes:

Or in sports mode. But I’m not sure the front sensors would react quickly enough to a small object approaching at speed.

Appreciate that, but still, Ouch!
Makes a good video tho.

I’m not on Facebook and the vid won’t work for me!!

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Whereas I am on FB and the vid still won’t work for me.

I’ve tried Chrome, FF, Waterfox, Safari, Vivaldi and even [spit] IE. Most of them complain about “no source”.

But try this URL: 2 Mavic 2s crash into each other... - Leicesterdrones.com it worked for me in Vivaldi without logging in.


Cheers you computer genius!

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