When is "windy" too windy?

Recently got ‘land immediately’ notice on the Mavic due to high winds.
As i was flying in a large open space, and my friend was desperate for the pictures, I ignored it & the Mavic flew fine without any problems.
Was I stupid?

I know the Mavic is conservative when it comes to wind speeds so … when should I abort.

What are your experiences?

Just found a similar post from August 18 that answers much of the questions.

I flew in gusts of up to 30mph this week with my M2P. Got several warnings, never a “land immediately”… Just a very nervy return flight into the wind. When the drone got close, I could see it was totally flying on the piss just trying to compensate. Was quite impressed tbh. I’ve also had the gimbal flip out with cross winds. End of the day, it’s your drone, your risk. Consider where it might fall and make a judgement


Thanks Lozzer,
Had there have been any obstacles around I think I would have bolted for home and landed.

I think it must have been a heavy gust, as she was handling the wind fine, in my opinion.

I’ve had land immediately recently. As it was a 1min flight virtually above me, I ignored it got my shot and landed. I was mega impressed how stable the video was in those winds.
As @Lozzer said location is key if you are going to ignore.

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reach for the credit card again John !!
It will at least give you a clue what the wind speed is on the ground.
I flew yesterday in 27mph wind at Heydon.


Thanks Chris,
At least then I’ll know then how big a risk I’m taking.

High wind flying has got me thinking about insurance.

I have the third party cover, but if I wanted to insure the drone, what is the best way to do it?

If I was flying in high wind/stupidity etc. would that negate the cover?

And you love to take some risks… @Lozzer

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I personally am a member of FPVUK, who I have my public liability (£5 million cover) for (£20 a year).
Then, I have drone insurance with “Flyicarus” who cover replacement of drones if crashed, also covers loss over water, or fly away, or accidental damage, even pilot error.
If you are a member of FPVUK you get a 50% price reduction on your insurance with Flyicarus, sounds like what you need.
My advice is to join FPVUK first, then soon as you have done that you can then get Flyicarus Drone Insurance.
(Just checked, Mavic Air Onyx Black without Worldwide coverage is approx £69 per year, or £74 with worldwide cover)
Hope this helps.

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If they could demonstrate that you were flying outside the limits of the aircraft then probably. I’ve had the warnings too. Gusts are the real danger as sport mode can get you out of most issues. Gaps in trees, valleys and bays have given me most warnings so at least you can see it coming.

Ive never understood why there’s no wind speed reader on these things.


Calculated risks :slight_smile:


In the event of a claim, you have to send your flight data from the drone.
I have yet to see how you could wriggle out of it with the company requiring the above data, it is what it is.


@leeheyes Lee is dead right, @Boydey (John)
If you find you are struggling to fly into a fair strong wind, flick the Sport Mode switch, that will greatly accelerate your drones forward movement.
It is always advisable to Fly into the wind on your outward leg of your flight.
Then when returning you have the help of the wind being behind you.
The “UAV Forecast” App gives Wind speeds at certain height’s.
Just because the wind speed is only 3 mph on the ground, it most certainly will not be the same at 300 feet !.

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Thanks Chris,
Really appreciate the advice.

I am a member of FPV, so 50% info is very helpful. :+1:t4:


Hi all, I’m still really new to drone flying. I picked it up Sunday gone and have only had the opportunity to fly up and down in the garden so far, by the time I get home from work it is getting dark.
My question is how do I know if it’s too windy to fly? I have a 9ft fence on one side of the garden and 7ft on the other and so pretty sheltered for taking off/landing but when I go higher I can hear the wind on the propellers as it gusts and I’m terrified of losing my MA2.

Perhaps there is an app you use.

Many thanks


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Hi Tinyroo and welcome. I’m fairly new too and have a MA2 also. They handle wind pretty well to be fair. UAV Forecast App was recommended to me when I joined and seems to work quite well :+1:t2:

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Most apps only tell you the forecast. A forecast that’s probably several hours old.

Most apps are currently telling me it’s 16-28mph here.
The local airport ACTUAL wind says 5mph.

Try and find live wind readings for near where you are.

But you still need to use your judgement.


There are several apps for phones and tablets or programs for PCs

I use (for Android - there is probably an IOS equivalent):

Met Office - free - general weather with surface wind speed and direction for your location or one of your choosing

Windy - paid app - comprehensive wind forecasts and maps

Airdata UAV - free on app and on PC - this is highly recommended. Acts as a flight log / analysis tool for most DJI, Yuneec and Parrot drones has a built in14 day forecast for your location / any area called OKtoFly giving hourly breakdown of wind, temperature chance of rain, flight warnings and more. If you want to log more than 120 flights per year there are subscription plans/

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Thank you for the replies so far. How windy is too windy for the MA2 would you say
I have just downloaded the UAV forecast app and it says not good to fly so I guess that answered my question I guess due to 24mph gusts