Where best to attach your CAA Operator ID label?

That says ‘where it is not possible’ (to attach it to the outside)


The CAA seem to be incapable of having a single, unambiguous, and non-contradictory, policy - and are incapable of issuing advice that doesn’t contradict their own advice to the same question by other people.

I think I know where my sticker will go … in an envelope to the CAA (and I’ll forget to put a stamp on the envelope, too! :smiling_imp:)


Wherever you apply the label though, I still stand by this:


It’s not possible to attach a label to the outside of a mavic and be 100% certain it’s not going to eventually fall off.

So yeah, it’s not possible :wink:


That’s a great idea

What if a drone became accidentally covered in vaseline? I suppose it would become impossible to attach a sticker to it then. Oh no!!!

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I really don’t want to know what your getting up to :rofl:


LOL drones and vaseline ???!!! WTF? Sometimes wander what “odd”
people we have on this here GADC… Well guess it takes all types…:wink::wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Certainly make hand catching a novel experience… :laughing:


I’ve put it on the body of the X8.

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Lots of good ideas here guys, been a while since ive even looked at my phantom. Got my flyer iD through the questionnaire but yet to pay for an operator iD, might as well wait until i’m next out and buy one. Did think of just putting the operator iD on the top myself, just not covering the DJI logo. No idea myself really

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Mine’s in my battery box, but I have labels indicating it’s location…



Steve :slightly_smiling_face:



I like your style :smiley:

Should have labels saying “You’re getting warmer!” and “You’re getting colder!”, “Freezing!” etc. :wink::+1:


Nice idea

I’ve gone overkill on my Mavic Air. Printed the OP id on a dymo label and trimmed it so there’s not too much blank space and I’ve fitted it on the front left of the main body as seen in this pic.

I’ve also put the FLY id and my phone number inside the battery compartment.

Then I’ve printed both the OP id and the FLY id and put them on the bottom of the controller where you see them when opened up. I don’t really know why, I’d rather have them to hand at all times I suppose in case I’m stopped or anything.

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I have just read this thread, my understanding is this, it has to be on the main body of the aircraft, so, on the prop is no good, on the legs no good, on the main body is good on the outside if you wish, the battery compartment is also good as it’s on the main body of the aircraft and needs no special tools to remove the battery, mine is in the battery compartment and that’s where it’s staying. All good


Im just rereading this post and although my OP ID is on the arm of my M2P which I’ve no problem with, I really cant see anyone kicking off if all they have to do is remove the battery to view the OP ID. But thats just my humble opinion.

Id assume that the kind of people needing to obtain the OP ID in the first place would know their way around a drone.

I think to a point, we’re being somewhat too literal on this. As long as the OP ID is there, present on your drone and for all to see, I 'd be Mrs sodding Doubtfire is anyone kicked off about the OP ID’s positioning.

Fine if you’ve not bothered, youre in it deep but for the rest of us, divent lose sleepover where its going and just make sure its on the drone somewhere. However you interpret the rules. Its a tiny device with hardly anywhere to hide your OP ID anyway so surely there isnt a issue on where it goes, be it in the battery compartment or on the arm (or leg) of your drone. Just make sure its there and have peace when you fly.


This :point_up:t2:


I was thinking something like this, (although I don’t have to register until next year anyway as I’m an FPVUK member :+1:)

(I’ve also obfuscated the reg number - hope no-one can make it out :+1:)